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My name is Carlos Pinto I have lived in the Reno/Sparks area my whole life. I started weight training to gain strength for football and fell in love with the training. The feeling of my muscles been full of blood, seeing my muscles come out, it was exciting to me.

Working out has done amazing things for my life. That’s how I started to compete in bodybuilding in 2000. With my work ethic and consistency I was able to become a IFBB Pro bodybuilder in 2017, a goal I set 5 years ago. In 2004 I decided I wanted to help others reach their full potential so I became a personal trainer. Weight training has also helped me became successful with my personal training business, Different Breed.

My personal goal is always to be the best in anything I do – it’s just my personality. My clients and my friends will tell you that I expect the same from them.

My business goal is to design clothes people can wear in the gym that are not just comfortable but also good enough quality to stand the grueling workouts.

I hope to teach the public how important proper form is to achieve results and how nutrition plays a huge roll in the gym. I believe if you are serious about results you have to start by watching what you put into your body.

Carlos Pinto


Certified Personal Trainer

IFPA and APEX Certified

Strength Ball Training Certified

Nutrition Consultant

Prep Coach for Competition

Posing Coach for Competition

Online Coaching

Photos by Sue Halliburton with Sierra Elegance Photography